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Between school, friends, family, sports and other activities, teenagers have a lot their plate. Often times navigating through complex social scenes and family issues can prove overly stressful and painful for teens. The good news, however, is that this is completely normal. Allowing your child to work through his or her emotions without judgement in a positive environment is the healthiest and safest way to help them be successful in the future.


Dr. Mohl has been working with children of all ages for many years and is able create the welcoming, stress-free environment necessary for true emotional growth. Stumbling every so often is inevitable, but having power to use those experiences to make ourselves stronger, more capable members of the community is our focus.

Dr. Mohl understands just how time-senstive certain problems can be, which is why we strive to provide easy scheduling. When your child needs an outlet for their troubles, fears, and concers, it is critical that we are there for them.


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